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The No 1 Ranking Gel Polish


First things first, what is gel polish?  It looks and feels like a normal nail polish, but has a secret – it can last for up to 3 weeks! Gel polish does not dry when exposed to air like normal nail polish, but sets rock hard and shiny under a UV lamp in as little as 30 seconds. Once your gel polish mani or pedi is done, you are good to go without any worries about smudging, fingerprints, hairprints etc.

Gelish have two hero products which can be applied alongside your gel polish to give your nails even more strength and durability:

Foundation Flex (rubber base)

Foundation Flex is like a second skin for nails, levelling them out to a perfect shape and infusing them with supernatural flexibility.

Choose Foundation Flex if you have uneven, ridged, weak or brittle nails, and want to see an amazing transformation!

Structure Gel (builder in a bottle)

Structure Gel is a stronger, more durable gel that reinforces the strength of your natural nails while giving them structure and shape.

Choose Structure Gel if you want to grow your own nails long and strong without the use of extensions!

Gel polish does not ruin your nails – incorrect removal does. Please, please, do not pick at your gel polish in between appointments. Ideally you will book a removal (and re-application if you’re loving it!) appointment with me, however, if you do wish to remove it at home, please ask me for advice on how to do this.

I chose to use the brand Gelish as they are the No1 ranking gel polish in the world and have a track record of providing high quality products. They are also used by many celebrities and TV shows so wear your gel polish with pride – a celeb could be wearing the same shade as you on the red carpet!

Gelish: About Us
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