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~ Your Nails Are Jewels Not Tools ~

Use cuticle oil daily.

Regular use of a cuticle balm or oil softens and conditions your cuticles and surrounding skin, helps prevents brittle nails and makes your manicure last longer!


Be extra careful with your nails within the first 24 hours.

Avoid intense heat or steam within this time, for example: hot baths, steam rooms, saunas and hot tubs


Always wear gloves when gardening, cleaning and washing up.

Having your hands constantly in and out of water dehydrates your nails and means your gel polish or extensions can separate from your natural nail causing lifting and chipping.


Wash your hands thoroughly if you come into contact with sunscreen, chlorine or insect repellants.


Be aware that dye from your jeans, fake tan or newly coloured hair can stain your nails.


Learn to use the pads of your fingers or your knuckles rather than your nails for opening cans, flushing toilets, unbuckling seatbelts etc.​ Using your nails as tools will weaken your nail and increase the chances of your nail polish or gel polish chipping. It will also weaken your extensions and may cause breakages.


Do not pick your gel polish or extensions off

​If removal is not done properly it can be very damaging to your natural nail and affect future treatments


Rebook to have your gel polish or extensions removed by a professional.

This will help keep them fresh and means you receive a regular professional check on the health of your natural nail.

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