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Nails By Samantha

Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is to let you know why and how I collect and store personal data about you in accordance with GDPR.

I collect your data in several ways:

Before your first appointment, I will ask you to complete a form to collect your name, address, telephone number and email address. I will also collect information regarding any allergies you may have that could affect your treatment and if you are aware of any medical reasons (current and historical) which could restrict me performing a treatment on you.

When I come to see you for a treatment, I will do my own assessment of the condition of your hands, arms, feet or legs – whichever is relevant for the treatment you have booked. I will also ask you if anything has changed since the last information you gave me.

After every treatment I will update your record with the treatment that you received including the date and time of that treatment.

The contact from on my website is for you to contact me with enquiries. I ask for your name, address, telephone number and email address. I will initially store this information but will delete it if you do not end up booking a treatment with me.

All the data listed above will be stored digitally on the secure Fresha system. I access this via an app on my phone and tablet which are both password protected, as is the Fresha system with my unique log in details. No one apart from me has access to the Fresha system.

I will use your personal data solely for the purpose of providing you with treatments:

  • Your name, so I can identify you and communicate with you

  • Your address so I can travel to you for your treatment

  • Your telephone number and email address so I can contact you if I need to change or cancel an appointment and also to email you copies of your treatment invoices if you request this

  • Medical information including medications and allergies to allow me to carry out treatments on you safely

I will hold your data for up to 2 years unless you ask me otherwise.

If you wish to be removed from the Nails By Samantha database please email and I will delete your personal data.

If you wish to access the personal data I hold about you at any time please email

Privacy Notice: Welcome
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