Polygel and Soft Gel Extensions

Which type of nail extension is right for you?


Polygel is a revolutionary product for nail enhancements which combines the best of acrylics and hard gel.

It can be used as an overlay on your natural nail or to extend the length of your nail.

The great thing about Polygel is it requires no harsh buffing or filing of your natural nail. There are no strong odours like you get with acrylics and it is more durable than hard gel.

It sets the same as gel polish in a UV lamp and will require some surface filing to refine the shape. You can then choose to leave them looking natural (and potentially apply your own normal nail polish at home) or I can apply your choice of gel polish colour.

As long as Polygel is removed properly by a trained technician (please, no picking off in between appointments!) it will leave your natural nail strong and healthy and can be a great aid to growing your nails.


Soft Gel

Soft Gel is also a revolutionary product that combines the ease of press-ons with the durability of gel.

Soft Gel is applied as a clear tip, adhered to your natural nail with gel and then cured under a UV lamp. And that's it! No shaping or filing needed so you can just choose your gel polish colour to be applied and then you're good to go.

Despite their ease of application, these extensions will still last your normal three weeks or maybe more.

Soft Gel tips are not designed to be infilled regularly so these are a perfect choice if you want beautiful long nails for a special occasion like a wedding or holiday without the regular maintenance.

However, they can be infilled once and removal and re-application is much quicker than with Polygel, so if you love your first set and want to continue, they can also be a great option for regular extensions.